Children’s Portraits

Smile! Don’t hit your brother. Look at the camera. Stop poking your tongue out!

Kids will be kids and that’s why I love taking their photos! I’m Zoe Fidler, a child portrait photographer from Christchurch. I specialise in shooting family and children’s portraits where I aim to photograph each child being themselves.  Sitting still with a forced smile and watching for the birdie just doesn’t sit well with me and many wriggly kids!  I believe that the best child portraits are those which capture the real essence of each child and that’s when they are having fun and enjoying themselves.

I’m a Mum to three young girls. I know that the most well thought out plans can turn to custard in a moment’s notice.  I approach each child photo shoot with one goal; to build a rapport so great that they feel comfortable to be themselves.  In that way I can capture an incredibly natural and candid image every time.  I do this by asking you to tell me about your child when you book their photo shoot, as well as chatting and being silly with your child on the day.

Reluctant or camera shy kids are not a problem.  From toddlers hiding behind legs, school kids having a bad day or teenagers being well, teenagers, I work with them all.  Flexible and super friendly, I find that once a child has warmed up to the idea that we’re here to have fun, capturing the perfect portrait is easy.

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Booking Children’s Portraits in Christchurch

I’m your photographer for a location shoot anywhere within Christchurch! Our beautiful City has many wonderful outdoor locations we can use to achieve a fabulous collection of photos of your child or children. From your local playground to Hagley Park, the New Brighton Pier or the Westburn Bike Park, we really are spoilt for choice.

To book your photo shoot, simply give me a call or send me an email. We’ll work together to arrange a date, time and place which suits you. I’ll ask you about the end result photographs you want to achieve and from there I can help suggest locations, activities and props. Your booking is confirmed upon payment of a non-refundable deposit, with the remainder due upon getting access to and choosing which photos you’d like to keep.

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Contact me, Zoe Fidler, one of Christchurch’s best child photographers today! Today is the day to capture your child’s image forever with Forget Me Not Photography.