What Makes a Great Family Portrait?

Snap happy parents everywhere wonder what makes a great family portrait. Is it when the kids are all smiling? Or is it enough if they look at the camera? Perhaps a great family portrait is a formal posed photo, or maybe it is a casual snapshot at the park? Today I’m going to discuss the key characteristics of a great family portrait and tips on capturing one with your camera.

How to Take a Great Family Portrait

Are you after formal posed family photos? Or are you more into casual, spontaneous moments? In all honesty, taking your annual family portrait is best left to a professional family photographer like me. But for the remaining 364 days a year, here are some tips on how you can get lovely results too:
• Wear co-ordinated clothing – not matching, but colour and season co-ordinated. You can find out more about this in our blog about (Zoe – enter the title and URL of the blog which talks about choosing clothing for a photo shoot).
• Break the ice – get people smiling in a genuine way by cracking jokes or doing something they wouldn’t necessarily do for a photo.
• Squish everyone together – when taking a group photo, position everyone as close to one another as you can. This looks better and makes the people the object, not the background.
• Think about the location – pick a favourite spot for your family portrait. It might be the place you’ve made some fabulous memories. Or it could be somewhere your kids love to play. Open spaces are great for children. Try Hagley Park with the big leafy trees or Sumner Beach for a seaside location for your photo shoot.

What Makes a Great Family Portrait?

So, how do you know you’ve taken or received a fabulous family portrait? What sort of things do you need to keep an eye out for? Here are my top tips:
1. Pick a fabulous location
2. Wear clothes you are comfortable in
3. Choose the best time of the day for your lighting
4. Aim for natural smiles, not forced ones
5. Be prepared for meltdowns, extra time, bribery treats and the unexpected!

Taking a great family portrait is an experience not to be forgotten! Be sure to give everyone direction about where to go and what to do. Keep the energy pumping and go with the flow. To make things really easy with guaranteed results, book your family portrait with me now!