What Should We Wear to a Photo Shoot?

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As if picking clothes to wear each morning wasn’t enough stress: now you’ve got to choose something to wear to a photo shoot! Should you dress up to the nines or pick more casual clothes? Do you need to buy something new? What about wearing dress-up or photo props?

Relax, because I’m about to let you into a little secret about what you should wear to a photo shoot …

What You Should Wear to a Photo Shoot?

You’ve chosen your photographer and booked a date. It’s all go, except for one thing: what should you and your family wear?

Well, there’s a few dos and don’ts to consider, but not really any hard and fast rules. After all, your photos are about you and your family, not me as your photographer. That’s why I recommend you:
• Wear clothing you are comfortable in – your family photo shoot is a fun and relaxing place to be!
• Think about your background – wear contrasting clothing to what’s happening in the background of your photos. If it is a shoot in Hagley Park, it’s best to avoid colours which blend into the scenery such as green, brown and oranges.

• Avoid wearing clothing with logos – these can detract from your photo itself, with people focusing on them and not on the photo subjects.
• Wear timeless clothing – we’re going to age, but your portraits don’t need to look as if they have! Wear clothing which is not going to go out of fashion next week and will be enjoyable to look at in years to come.

• Co-ordinate your outfits – I’m not talking about wearing matching outfits, but rather that you choose colours which will work with what others in the photo are wearing.
• Dress for your location – if you are at Sumner Beach during the warmer months, it’s fine to wear togs. But togs are not something you’re going to want to wear to the local park!
• Layer your clothing – the weather can change quickly in Christchurch. Wearing layers solves this problem, but also helps you add visual interest to all your family photos I capture on the day too.

If you are still stuck about what to wear to your photo shoot, then I can help! As a Christchurch photographer who specialises in children’s and family portraits, I have plenty of experience in advising clients on photo locations and that all important, what to wear! Send me a message to book your photo shoot today!